Well we FINALLY made it to our destination in Zambia, and I love it here already.  We had a little trouble at the airport this morning because our carry-ons weighed too much since we were bringing laptops to leave at Wiphan.  But it all worked out and all 23 laptops (along with all of our luggage) made it safely to Ndola.

After we landed and got through customs (just wait till you see what the airport here looks like…it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen!), we came to our home for our stay in Zambia, the Castle Lodge.  It’s so nice and the people are great.  After we got semi-settled we headed over to Wiphan’s Sinia campus to see a graduation service for widows who have completed programs.  The two graduating today were the hospitality and jewelry groups.  I’ve never seen a celebration like this one!  And the welcome they gave us–my goodness!  So much joy, love, and energy (see the video below).  After we spent some time there, we came back here to eat dinner…tasty!  Now it’s time to sleep.  I’m so excited about this trip and really can’t wait to see what God has up His sleeve…because I know it’s something incredible. =)

Love yall!


Click this to watch a video from our greeting today!


3 thoughts on “Zambia

  1. E:
    So glad you made it there safely and with relative ease and little inconvenience (although some of those uneasy/inconvenient times are part of the mission experience – helping build character and learning to rely on God.)

    I hope you have a wonderful time and I will try to be diligent to check the blog every other day or so (if not more often)! I look forward to hearing all that God does for and through you during your visit. Love you!!!

    Deut 31:8 (one of my favorite)

  2. Wow Elizabeth! I am sooo impressed. That was like a royal welcome. Im glad you had a safe trip. I hope you are making some great memories and life-long friends. Give me an update with your itenerary and anything different you have encountered or eaten! Things are going awesome in HK. Cant wait to see you. We are all so proud of you!!!! Love, Dad

  3. Hey Elizabeth! It was great hearing from you!! We were impressed by the welcome that y’all received and I loved the music. So glad you are loving everything ((except Mickey Mouse!!) We will love seeing your pictures and video and glad the camera is working out so well. You are in our prayers everyday. We love you and are thinking of you. Barboo

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