Sweet Given

It’s been a month since I last blogged.  Oops. Oh well. Life goes on.

I am SO excited right now! “Why?” you ask? WELL, this summer I went to Africa. Didn’t know that? Then you should probably stalk my blog and read my older posts. Don’t feel bad; it’s not really stalking if I give you permission…is it? Anyways, I went to Africa. Zambia, to be more specific.  Ndola to be even more specific. While I was there, I fell in love with so many beautiful people. One of them is named Given. She is in grade 1 at Wiphan’s Sinia school.

I’m excited because I’m finally, offcially, Given’s sponsor! While I was in Zambia, I knew I had to do more when I returned to the States. Wiphan has an incredible sponsorship program that I got to see in action, first hand this past July. Now I can look at the BrightPoint site and see THIS:

Now it’s your turn. Let me tell you:  this program is fantastic.  For just $39 a month, you can help feed, educate, and LOVE a child. With Wiphan sponsorship you get to communicate with your child through letter writing. While we were there in July, all the sponsor kids got letters and wrote back to their sponsors. SO neat to see the joy on their faces. The kids know what sponsorship is and are so excited to be connected with someone in the States.

With that being said, not every child at Wiphan has a sponsor.  There are a lot of kids at each school who are waiting on YOU! Click here to get more information and to sponsor a child.  What is holding you back? If you’re a college student, that’s a lame excuse. I’m a college student. Eat some EasyMac instead of going out to eat for a few meals, don’t see the same movie over and over again in theaters, drink water when you do go out to eat (this adds up!); there are  places where you can cut back!  If you’re an adult in the big bad world, think about Sunday afternoon after church. Do you and your kiddos go out to eat? That is great….but don’t do it every week. A family of four can easily spend $40 on one meal. Cutting that out once a month can feed and educate a child.

Really. What’s stopping you?


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