The Problem with Showering

I’m really lazy. Reeeeeeally lazy.  Which might come as a surprise considering my last post was about always being busy. But when I’m not go-go-go, I’m sloth-sloth-sloth. Oftentimes, I find myself saying that I’m too tired to get ready for bed. Translation, I’m too lazy to get ready for bed.  Similarly, I usually don’t want to get in the shower. Too much work.  I know I should probably take a shower, thanks to being concerned about what society thinks.  I ask myself if I can go another day, if people will notice if I go two days without washing my hair.  I usually peel myself out from beneath my luscious heated blanket and reluctantly head towards the shower.  But then I get in the shower and it feels so good.  And then I just want to spend all day taking a shower (although this could never happen at my house at school; our hot water stays hot for about 7 minutes).

Far too often, I’m like this when it comes to getting in the Word.

I know I should. I know I need to.  But I’m just lazy.

Then, when I finally do pull out the ole Bible, I love it. I want to spend hours there; hanging out with the Lord and learning what it is He has to tell me.

This feeling of “I guess I should read my Bible before I do that” or “Oh man! I was ready for bed, but I just realized I haven’t read my Bible today” is a religious, legalistic approach to studying the Word.  This approach won’t lead to much fruit or fulfillment.  Something I know I need to work on (and by work on I mean pray for) is a change of heart and mind.  My times with the Lord need to take priority.  I need to draw close to the throne with joy, overwhelmed with thanksgiving and overwhelmed by grace. Not like I’m checking something off my to-do list.


So get motivated.  Go take a shower.  Go read your Bible.


One thought on “The Problem with Showering

  1. I have found that recently, I force myself to get in the Word. And the thing is, it still is worshipful. I have learned that when I force myself to commune with the Lord it is not because I am believing that my works are what benefit me, but because I am just now starting to experience what it feels like to live by firm, biblical conviction. So when I feel too lazy or like I don’t have enough time to meet with the Lord, I start to think about verses like Joshua 1:8, James 1:22-25, and Deuteronomy 32:47. These help me to fight the temptation to sit idle and do what I know is beneficial.

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