First Day

Today was great! This morning Allison picked me up and we went into Isubilo. I loved hearing all about the wonderful things the ministry does and am quite impressed—I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more sustainable ministry! One thing that I found really cool is that about 60% of the center is funded by an onsite mill.  Most families have small plots for growing vegetables on their land.  They bring the maize they grow to the mill to be turned into mealie-meal, which is used to make nshima, the staple food here.  I think it’s so great that Isubilo is not completely reliant on donors.  The mill (and the other facets of the ministry) also employees people from the community.  That’s the way it should be!

This morning, I played with some precious little ones during the underweight baby clinic that takes places each Monday.  These babies were so little but so full of life!  They got weighed, played with toys, got millie mill, and got a chance to talk with other mothers/grandmothers/etc. who are in a similar place—building community!

After that, we went into Chifubu, a nearby neighborhood and market.  After walking around the market some, we went to the Chonte family’s house for lunch.  We had nshima and beans—delicious!  I learned a few new things about the Zambian culture…and that I need to practice eating with my hands!

On the way back to Isubilo, we stopped by a government clinic to see if any babies had been born or were about to be.  We got to meet a mom and her baby that had just been born five hours before (and they were preparing to go home already)!!  So precious.

Once we got back, I hung out with some kids during the extra lessons time.  It’s kind of difficult not knowing Bemba!  Although, the kids just kind of look at me…the adults seem to not understand why I’m not already fluent! Then they get a kick out of talking to me in Bemba.  I’ve got some work to do.

I’ll leave you with a little Bemba…


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