Today was another great day!  This morning, I sat in on the weekly meeting for the staff and volunteers who help at the CYC.  It was so great to hear how passionate the volunteers are for each of the people the visit every week.   Since most of it was in Bemba, they would stop every once in a while and say, “Ah, people are confused” or “Sorry Ba Elizabeth,” then they would translate.

After that meeting, I sat in as Kristi talked with Whiteson and Maureen about how things are going with the CYC and things that could be better.  I’ll probably continue to say this a lot, but I just love what this ministry does!  During this meeting I also found out that I am going to be helping the grade 8 and 9 kids with their math during extra lessons each day.  Here’s to hoping I remember what I learned in my favorite subject in school!  I’m also going to help do some planning for the Saturday program they have at Isubilo each week.  If you have any fun Scripture memory or game ideas, send them my way!

I’m having to practice patience (not my strong suit) when it comes to learning Bemba.  I’m so thankful for the people who are patient with me as I ask a thousand and one times, “Wait, how do you say that?” Or as I just smile and nod when someone asks me a question.  My new best friend is “e mukaiw” which is saying yes with respect (this culture is all about some respect—it’s great!)…although with my luck, I will respectfully say yes to something I shouldn’t.  The word I use the most is “cintomfwa” which means troublemaker.  When you call a kid this they laugh and point at all the other kids and say it.  Really they aren’t troublemakers, they’re just incredibly goofy.

I’m loving it here and am learning more each and every day. I’m mainly learning that I have a lot more to learn…about ministry, Ndola, myself, the Lord…everything.  It’s a wonderful thing to realize you know absolutely nothing.

Sorry for not posting pictures on here…Wordpress and my internet don’t seem to get along.


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