The past two weeks have been packed full of all sorts of fun things.  First off, we’ve had full day extra lessons at Isubilo since the kids have been on holiday. I taught Grade 9 and Grade 12 Geography and English as well a few math and English lessons with the younger grades. It was a challenge but also a lot of fun. I’m usually with the younger kids so it was nice to get to know some of the older ones.

Last weekend, Kristi and I went down to Livingstone so that she could run the Victoria Falls Half Marathon.  We made a long weekend out of it and spent some time at the Falls.  To get there, we endured the roughly 14 hour bus ride journey to Livingstone.  The coolest thing we did while there was the Devil’s Pool.  You take a boat out to Livingstone Island, walk around a bit, and then get to jump in the Falls and sit right on the edge. It was incredible!  It’s crazy to look down and see a 100+ meter of drop.  After our little (extremely cold) swim, we had a lovely breakfast on the island.

Afterwards, we crossed the border to Zimbabwe where the race was.  While Kristi ran on Sunday, I went to Botswana for a safari.  It was neat to see so many different types of animals! I spent the day with a lovely Spanish couple that has traveled all over the world.  They’ve even been to many places in the States I’ve always wanted to go to but haven’t had the chance.  On Monday, we flew back to Ndola, which was much nicer than the bus ride to get there. =)

Today I got to talk with the kids about prayer again.  We broke into groups, and each group got a page from a newspaper.  They had to find an article about a topic that they thought we needed to pray about, either thanking God for blessing the country or asking for His guidance and protection.  Then someone from each group reported back to everyone.  It was a great reminder (even for me!) that we need to be in prayer for our country, its leaders, and its citizens.  Afterwards, we played with bubbles and ate nshima—what a great morning!

I can’t believe that this time next month I’ll be back in Birmingham.  It’s so weird to think about, especially as I get more and more comfortable here.  Although I have no idea what it’s going to entail, I’m excited about what the Lord has in store for this next chapter of my life.


It’s so funny to look at my Facebook newsfeed and be reminded about things like college football and Labor Day weekend….those things haven’t even been on my radar!  I hope everyone has a safe and fun long weekend!


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