*I wrote this Wednesday, but the Internet where we stayed was down. We’ve made it back to the States and are headed to Birmingham.*

Today we took a boat ride to Indiana, rickshaws across the village, and another boat on the Napo to Paraiso (Paradise). We got finished earlier than expected so we got back in the boat and went to a little village called Israel for an unexpected second clinic. There, I had the privilege of meeting a man named Francisco. After I fitted him for glasses, gave them to him, and explained how to care for them, he was overcome with emotion and began to cry. I asked (through my translator) what was wrong. He was simply blown away by the kindness of strangers…no one had ever come to their little village to try to help them in any way. I told him that yes, we did want to provide medical care. But more importantly, we wanted to tell the people of his village about the ultimate Healer and the Love He showed in sending Jesus to live and die for us. I knelt on the ground, took his hands in mine, and prayed for this sweet man…this man who loves the Lord and loves the people of his village. It’s moments like these that make me so grateful for the opportunities the Lord has given me.
This evening I was reading Proverbs 20. At this point in my story, I’m beginning to realize how true the words of verse 24 are:
A man’s steps are from the Lord; how then can man understand his way?
When I think about how in the world I got to Peru, I can do nothing but blame it on God….there’s no other way to explain the long chain of events. The Lord truly does establish our steps. His way is truly better than ours. Praise the Lord for that!


A Day in Paraiso & Israel

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